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These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

The internet does a phenomenal job of pushing the newest products that we think we need. Social media can influence us to buy products that people (who may or may not be getting paid for the ad) "swear by." Even if that video or ad is the first time they're trying it. Trust me, I've fallen victim to influence marketing too.

Because of this, I looked back on 2023 and wanted to share my top ten favorite products. These are beauty, home, or clothing products that I have either bought more than once, or would buy again if the one I have runs out or gets ruined.. products I "swear by." (wink) The link for all of these products will be at the end :)

Without further ado, here are my top ten products of 2023..

1. Wool Jacket from Amazon

My GO-TO jacket. It really gives you the best of both worlds because obviously it's a nice, fancy-ish jacket, but I love it more because it elevates my comfy, errand running outfits. To be honest, I think I've worn this with a nicer outfit only a handful of times. But I do throw it over all of my lounge sets. Pop on some chunky sneakers or Uggs and it is just.. *chefs kiss*

2. DSG Brand Clothing

I'm sure you can tell from the description and outfit in my number 1 pick of the year, but I'm a big comfy girl. I also LOVE budget friendly anything. I started tagging along with my husband to Dick's Sporting Goods, and browsing the clothing while he was over in the golf section, LOL. I was shocked at the prices of this brand, considering it's hard to find a simple pair of leggings there for less than $50. I think I may have one or more of every article of their clothing now. The ribbed tank and biker shorts (bottom middle) are so comfortable and flattering, the sweat sets are my absolute favorite, and the other kind of tank I have (bottom left and right photos) are perfect for the gym.

They have sweatshirts in hoodie, crewneck and full zipper versions. The sweatpants also come in wide leg and jogger.. and they even have sweat shorts for the warmer weather that match!

3. Peach Slices Pimple Patches

Don't let the $4.99 price fool you.. more expensive doesn't always mean better. If you have tried any kind of pimple patches before, I'm sure you've tried the Mighty Patch brand. And while they're a good option, you only get 12 patches for about $8. Peach Slices will give you 30 patches for under $5!!! And when I tell you these things are magic, I'm not kidding. I literally ALWAYS have a pack of these in my bathroom. They also have special patches for under the skin blemishes, which I also use and swear by, but I think those are around $8 for only 9. I buy these at CVS.

4 Heated Blanket

If it's cold outside, you'll find me with my heated blanket. I don't have this exact one, but it's the best rated heated blanket on Amazon right now, with over 11,000 reviews. It comes in a few different colors and sizes, too. When I was little I thought these were so silly, but now I couldn't live without it. My dog loves it too!

5. Mini Houses from Amazon

Hear me out.. you may be thinking, 'what the heck is this?' Coming from someone that is constantly anxious and can never sit still, I promise that if you are the same, this will be so soothing for you. I normally wouldn't spend that kind of money on something that seems so silly, but after I did my first one I was hooked, and my husband got me the two pictured for Christmas. Christmas was 3 days ago as I'm writing this, and I finished both of them as of today LOL. Once you start you can't stop. Now I'm displaying them on a bookshelf, and they are just so stinking cute!

6. Nail Products

Okay, I know this is more than one product, but they all go together, so it doesn't count. Early in 2022, I found a love for doing my own gel nails at home. Well.. after almost one year of doing them, I developed an allergy to gel. That meant not only no more painting my own nails with gel, but I also can't use pre-painted glue on nails either. After a few trial and errors, I found an alternative method.

I buy clear acrylic nails, usually on Amazon and for less than $10. I use the glue pictured, which I've bought two times (also on Amazon) because I like it so much. Then instead of painting with gel polish, I have to use regular polish. But because I'm one of those people that mess them up before they dry, I had to really go on the hunt to make this work. When I tell you that this nail polish and top coat completely dries in under a minute, I am not even joking. I have this brand of nail polish in nearly every color now. You can get the color and top coat at your local pharmacy!

7. Bean Bag Chair

This is probably going in a different direction than you anticipated. But if you have a large dog, this is for you. I've tried quite a few different dog beds in my day for our 100 pound German Shepherd. I've spent SO much money on beds that just go flat. My mom actually had the bright idea to try a bean bag chair. It was a win-win for me because instead of having a giant bed taking up space on the floor, the bean bag chair honestly just looks like more seating in our living room. Plus, it's so easy to unzip to throw the cover in the wash, you can do a quick flip to fluff it back up AND you can even buy more stuffing for the inside. I see us having this for a long time.

8. Cloud Sandals

I now have three pairs of these types of sandals.. one designated to in the house, lol. I have officially reached the age of needing comfortable shoes and these are so comfy. You feel like you're walking on a cloud. And I love that they are cheap enough that when I feel like I've worn them down, I can just buy another pair. Well worth the money. Super easy to clean as well.

9. Stanley

Don't be mad at me, I know this can be controversial. But between keeping my ice solid for days, and the aesthetically pleasing factor, Stanley cups have a chokehold on me. I have three in all different sizes! The smallest one I have (20 oz) I found the cheapest at Target. The other sizes I bought at Dick's Sporting Goods.

10. Ultra Repair Cream Moisturizer

This is the most moisturizing and soothing moisturizer I've ever used. I've gone through a couple of the travel size bottles (they're cheaper than this bottle if you don't want to spend a ton upfront.) I have combination skin and some dermatitis that flares up occasionally which is itchy, and the oatmeal helps soothe that!

I hope you enjoyed my top ten products of 2023.. and if you decide to try them out, I hope you love them just as much as I do. It was fun to put together a product list that I can stand behind and truly recommend.

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