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Must Haves For Dog Moms

Calling all dog moms - in this paw-some guide, I'm sharing must-haves for your furry friends. These are products that either my dogs absolutely love, or that make my life 1000% easier.

Being a dog mom isn't always tail wags and rainbows!! So, these are products that if I no longer had tomorrow, I would go and re-buy them immediately. Let's get into it..

Dog Beds

I have gone through probably 6 or 7 dog beds with my 8-year-old German shepherd. Especially because he is a large breed, about 100 pounds, a good bed is so so important. According to the AKC, "as dogs age, they may develop problems like arthritis, hip dysplasia, and other joint issues. To help with these issues, a supportive dog bed is imperative to cushion your dog's body and provide relief from the pain associated with age-related health problems."

I've tried a few beds from my local pet stores, numerous expensive "orthopedic" beds from reputable online pet retailers, and even a cute, fuzzy, donut bed. None of them compares to the bed my German shepherd has now. And it's not even a "dog bed." It's a dang bean bag chair!!

Here is my Amazon associates link straight to this bed:

Not only does it not lose its structure like every orthopedic dog bed I've tried, but when it does start to "flatten down" (which is barely) you can flip it a couple times, and it bounces right back. When I say flatten, literally there is still about a foot and a half between my dog and the floor. (pictured)

There is a double zipper on it, so you never have to worry about the zipper opening up.

The cover is removable and WASHABLE!

If you get bored with the cover color, just get a different one! Think you want even more fluff in it, guess what.. you can buy more!!

I could go on and on about this bean bag for a dog bed.. but I'll leave it at that, lol.


For my dog moms with pups that get groomed.. stop right now and let me help you save money!!

I bought this vacuum for my German shepherd as well.. my little dog has super short beagle hair so she doesn't need it. Anyways, what I paid for this vacuum is the same price as one trip to the groomers for us.

Attachments included: de-shedding brush, regular brush, electric trimmer with three different heads, and two clean-up tools.

Bonus: this is even more perfect for those of you with pups that dislike the groomers.. my dog will not let them shave his paws, but let me use this trimmer no problem!

Here is my Amazon associates link for this exact vacuum:

Keeping Your Home Clean

Like I said before.. owning dogs is not all tail wags and rainbows. No one warns you about the maintenance/cleaning you need to keep up with just around your home.

I bought this rubber broom in 2020 and you will never get me to part ways with it.

Not only is this a great broom in general for any hardwood floor.. but it works magic on carpets and rugs.

I like to use this before I vacuum my rugs. I have a pet vacuum, and it's actually embarrassing how much hair this broom can pick up even after vacuuming multiple times. It just gets in there!!

Amazon associates link for the exact broom:

For those dirty paws (and bums.) I'm sure any dog wipes would do the trick, but I just actually bought my second pack of these because..

They're unscented, have clean ingredients, and a 100 count pack option for under $10.

Amazon associates link for these wipes:


In the car, or out on an adventure.. we all want to keep our babies safe.

If you have a dog, like mine, that tries to get from the backseat to the front seat - a car barrier is essential. With a previous barrier I tried, my dog could still manage to get over the screen. When I bought a new car I decided to throw that one out and try again.

Because this one goes over the top of both front seats, there is no way for your pup to get through.

And don't worry, it still has allows great visibility to the backseat and back window. Storage too which is a plus!

I have a Hyundai Tucson for size reference.

Amazon associates link to barrier:

For all my dog moms with swimmers.. I am begging you, PLEASE keep your dog safe around water!!

My dog loves swimming. So much so that he doesn't recognize when he's tired and should take a break. We went almost 5 years without an incident. One summer, he was swimming in our friends pond, like he has a billion times, when he was swimming out to fetch a ball and mistook the floating turtle trap marker/buoy, as a toy. He got tangled in the rope and was briefly stuck. He ended up getting himself out of it right before my husband ripped off his shoes to jump in after him, but it was scary. So now, we don't go swimming anywhere without our life vest!

It is top notch quality, fits beautifully, is so cute, and has a handy dandy handle on the top of it!

The handle has been really useful if we need to hold on to him for some reason.

Ruffgear has great products for any adventure. Definitely check them out if you take your dog is often tagging along with you.

Amazon associates link if you want to utilize prime:

Final Notes

Reminder: being a great pet parent is more than just having the right gear or the most expensive products for them. What matters is that they are loved and cared for. This is just my toolkit filled with some products that I wish I knew about sooner.

And if you have your own "must-haves" I would love to hear about them! Whether you're a seasoned pro or a rookie in the world of dog-moming, there is always something new to discover.

Cherish everyday with your furry friends.. XOXO


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