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Holiday Gift Guide 2024

🎁 Your Holiday gift guides are here 🎁

The holiday season is upon us, and with it comes the joyful hustle and bustle of finding the perfect gifts for our loved ones. It can also come with stress and chaos. So to make your shopping a breeze, I've curated a few Holiday Gift Guides that are full of thoughtful ideas and suggestions. Most of these items I've either gifted to my own loved ones, used myself, or are on my wish list!

Not only do I have everything pictured on my guides linked, but I will also share extra ideas and businesses that I love! So keep reading ◡̈

Consider yourself covered this Holiday season.. happy shopping!

For The Besties:

  • Checkered Makeup Bags $12 - So cute, affordable, and will definitely be used. I gifted these on my Bachelorette party.

  • Tarte Gift Set $40 - These went VIRAL online, and rightfully so. Your bestie will love them. They're like a lipstick and gloss combined.

  • Sol De Jeneiro Gift Set $30 - Another viral product.. so why not get the whole bundle? Includes body wash, body cream, and perfume.

  • Mascara Gift Set $20 - You can't go wrong with mascara and brow products. This includes 7 different brands to sample.

  • Claw Clips $9 - You can truly never have too many! One for every outfit.

  • Initial Necklace $25 - Get your besties initial, or even an initial representing her kids, her dog.. lots of options with this one!

  • Cozy Blanket $25 - You can't go wrong with a cozy blanket. Bonus: it doubles as decor!

Find the links here:

For The Husband:

  • Andar Wallet $79 - This wallet is so neat.. check out their site to see how it works! There are so many other options too.

  • Chomps $25 - Great as stocking stuffers! I've heard so many people rave about these.

  • Personalized Headphone Stand $25-$60 - Perfect for the gamer in your life. Personalize it how you want!

  • Golf Storage $150 - Perfect for the golfer so their things aren't laying around your house.. LOL.

  • MVMT Watch $90 - This brand has so many sleek and stylish watch options.

  • Blackstone Flat Top Grill $227 - So he can whip you up some dinner, of course. Flat tops are more versatile than a regular grill, imo.

  • Matching Gray Sweats $40 - We all love a man in a matching gray set!!

Find the links here:

For The Wife:

  • Slippers $16 - Obviously there are tons of slipper options, but I have been seeing these everywhere and they are so cute.

  • Perfume Sampler $23 - Who wants to dish out a lot of money to commit to one scent.. now your wife can test out a bunch!

  • Matching Sweat Set $50 - I mean, come on!! So cute and comfy. Lots of color options!

  • Cloud Sandals $24 - I swear by these sandals.. I have three pairs! SO comfortable.

  • Kindle $140 - Everyone is in their reading era. I believe this is the newest version.. grab an older one to save a little $$.

  • Walking Pad $165 - Another viral product! Especially perfect if your wife works from home.

  • Snail Mucin $14 - Worth the hype, a great moisturizer.

  • Pretty Glasses $20 - Your wife will appreciate these aesthetically pleasing glasses. Bonus: she'll save $$ by making her coffee at home.

  • Self Tanning Drops $35 - We all get paler in the Winter.. these drops mix right into moisturizer.

Find the links here:

For Mom:

  • Pajama Set $19 - I have this pair and bought it for my own mom because it's so soft. Lots of color options!

  • Fuzzy Socks $10 - Always a good idea, and a great stocking stuffer.

  • Birkenstocks $95-$115 - These are often sold out, so grab them when you see them available again.

  • Engraved Cutting Board $37-$51 - A more meaningful gift. Pick any recipe or note, and have that engraved right into the cutting board.

  • Fire TV $150 - If your mom is like mine, she's behind when it comes to tech. This will make her life easier if she uses streaming services.

  • Jackpot Candle $30 - These are SO fun. Every candle has a surprise ring inside with a code to go on their site and see what it's worth.

  • Mugs $15 - For the coffee loving mom!

Find the links here:

For Dad:

  • The Washington Post Birthday Book $110 - (see below)*

  • New York Times Sports Book $80 - (see below)*

  • Carhartt Lunchbox $24 - I've bought one of these for my dad and my husband, great gift for anyone that packs lunch.

  • Magnetic Wristband $10 - Funny little gift for the dad that does a lot of projects.

  • Nut Sampler $22 - Dads love snacks. Period.

  • Personalized Tape Measure $18 - A really great price for a personalized gift. Perfect for the dad that does construction.

  • Funny Socks $10 - If I had a dollar for every time my dad has said "I'm just resting my eyes."

*For The Washington Post and New York Times books - These are interchangeable. Meaning, I bought my dad the New York Times Birthday Book. Each news outlet has both options.. if that makes sense. You can get any sports team or birthday book in New York Times, The Washington Post, LA Times, and a few more. PERFECT for the history loving dads. The birthday books show the front page headlines each year on their birthdate. Very interesting, and such a unique gift.

Find links for these here:

For The Pups:

  • Bean Bag $165 - Perfect for large dogs. I have a 100 lb German Shepherd and he loves it. Expensive dog beds flatten too fast.

  • Puzzle Toy $10 - Fun toy to keep your dog busy and provide mental stimulation.

  • Dental Treats $18 - I give each of my dogs a dental treat every night before bed, this pack is the best bang for your buck.

  • Dog Vacuum $125 - Self explanatory.. for the pups that shed a lot!

  • Throw Blanket $25 - I promise even your dog will love a cozy blanket. This one is waterproof!

  • Chuck It $8 - For the dogs that love to fetch.

  • Toys (3 Pack) $18 - Because of course they need toys for every Holiday.

Find links for these here:

Other Holiday Gift Ideas / Sites to Check Out

  • Staykation - Krista Horton (influencer) came out with this brand. As of right now, this brand just sells blankets. When I tell you this is the softest, best blanket I've ever owned.. I am not lying. I bought a "quillow." That's a blanket that folds and zips up into a pillow!! *Mind blown* The patterns are adorable, but come out in limited editions that once they sell out, you can't get them again. So this is a gift to keep your eye on and grab once a new batch drops. →

  • Uncommon Goods - This is where I bought the birthday and sports books on the "for dad" gift guide. This site has the most unique gifts, and you can even purchase "experiences." This could be a cooking class, mixology class, art projects, etc. They have so many options. I think whoever your gifting this too would be so surprised. →

  • Etsy - This is THE site to find unique, more personalized gifts. Etsy is full of small businesses. I recommend getting things from here a little further in advance, just because some things are being made my hand, and take longer. →

  • Altar'd State - My go-to for funny ornaments. We have a tradition in my household of buying a new ornament for each other, every year. This company has tons of options. They also sell so much more.. the price point is higher, but a great place to find something for your wife, mom, or besties. (FYI: They sell Ugg dupes.) →

If you made it this far, thank you! And I hope the guides and lists I've curated for you helps to make your Holiday shopping a little less stressful. Maybe it'll even spark more and different ideas. I truly put a tremendous amount of thought into this, and I hope you enjoyed.



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