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Using Phone Cards
Using our online phone cards service is simple. After selecting the international country and your chosen calling destination from our call calculator, you will be presented with a list of phone cards available. By filtering the cards by the cheapest rates, you can then refine your phone card search by selecting the value of phone card required, and the chosen access number that is best for you.

If you know which international phone card you require, you can go straight to our phone card quick selector here. When purchased, we will send your pin and access information instantly by email and SMS. When you receive your pin and access details, making your international phone call could not be easier dial your access number, enter the international dialling code and then enter the full destination number. Now start saving!


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International Phone Cards
With todays technology, it is not so hard to stay connected any more. There are a host of hi-tech gadgets that can help you communicate with your loved ones. There are emails, snail mails and the good old telephone to help you say what you want to say across a thousand miles or more.

Though emails are the primary method of communication in this age of computers, sending an email may not always be convenient for most people. Though it is cheap, free in fact, you still need a computer and Internet access to send one. Old-fashioned writing of letters may not as hard to do but it will take much more time.

For many, calling their loved one on the phone is the better option. Not only is it convenient -- as phone lines are everywhere -- and fast, it is also more personal ,as you will be able to actualy hear the voice of your loved one.

Phone calls, however, can be very expensive, especially international calls. What is more, unlike sending an email or a snailmail, a phone call is timed and the cost will depend upon the length of the conversation. For some who have not talked for quite a while, an hour is not enough to tell every story and say everything that they want to say.

In fact, some people do not even realize the passage of time while on the phone. They would stay for hours on the phone not realizing that their telephone bill is already skyrocketing. Perhaps, one of the hardest things to do when making an international call is monitoring the amount of talk time.

Realizing this need and discovering the niche market of overseas workers and foreign students, telephone companies have started to come up with international phone cards with a pre-loaded amount of time. International prepaid phone cards are also especially useful to people who frequently travel to other countries.

ADVANTAGES of using Phone Cards
Monitoring of talk time As mentioned before, with international prepaid phone cards, user can actually monitor the talk time and control the length of time that they will talk on the phone. They dont even have to constantly look at a timer, as phone cards will often signal when time is about to run out. When this happens, a caller can actually decide whether to say goodbye or use another phone card.

Cheaper Prepaid international phone cards are also cheaper than the standard international rates being charged on a regular telephone bill. This is perhaps because standard telephone rates contain additional charges such as tax charges, monthly fee, international surcharges and other fees that make the phone call very expensive.

If you are gong to compare the prices, youll realize that you can save up to 85% with a prepaid phone card. You can even save more by buying in bulk, which you can also give as gifts.

Fixed rate for all countries Another advantage of many prepaid international phone cards is that they maintain the same rate for all countries. Unlike telephone companies that charge higher rates when you call to some countries, many prepaid international phone cards afford you the luxury of a fixed rate across the globe.

Mobility and flexibility You can also use a pre-paid phone card anywhere. This is especially important for people who go from one place to another and cannot keep a permanent phone with them. With a prepaid phone card, you can actually use someone elses phone when calling and still charge the call to yourself.

Phone card rates are also way cheaper than what you will shell out when calling from a hotel room. By keeping a phone card with you, you dont have to contend with the outrageously high prices charged by hotels for long distance calls. What is more, international phone cards are easy to carry around.

You can put them anywhere. This is especially important for frequent travelers who do not always bring much when going to another country.

Convenience during emergencies Whether you use one regularly or not, keep a phone card with you when you travel. This will be useful in circumstances when you have to use a phone, but are caught without change or the countrys currency.

Popular Phone Cards
Bizon calling card.
The "Bizon" is a Permanent PIN calling card with the handy Refill feature and PIN Free Access. Plus, there are no connection/maintenance fees and, best of all, you get very low rates to a wide array of countries all around the world. Get Toll Free Access and Local Access in the US and Canada as well as Local Access in Europe. "Bizon" calling card will make your life easier!

Penny Boss calling card.
The "Penny Boss" calling card is a Permanent PIN card that provides the convenience of both PIN Free Access and the handy Refill option. You get low rates to many countries with high quality connections, as well as Local and Toll Free Access numbers. And you can save even more by using the Local Access Numbers from your cell phone.
  "Penny Boss" - useful phone card for USA-Mobile & USA-Continental!

Saturn calling card.
The "Saturn" calling card is a Permanent PIN card with the handy Refill feature and no expiration date! You pay No Connection Fees and can take advantage of both Local Access Numbers and Toll Free Access Numbers. This card provides competitive long-distance rates from the US and Canada to many countries with high quality connections.

Cardinal calling card.
The "Cardinal" card can now be used from a wide variety of countries around the world. And provides excellent Quality and the Best rates for many destinations using Local Access Numbers.

Continental calling card
The Continental calling card is one of the most versatile cards on the market. Along with the highest quality service and low rates for many destinations, it also has many handy features (see list below). It is a refillable card with PIN-less dialing, Speed Dial and Online Call History access. The Continental card stands for functionality and convenience.

* PIN-less Dialing
* Speed Dial
* Online Call History Access
* PC-to-Phone account - Prepaid VoIP(SIP)
* WEB-Call - Connect two phones anywhere in the world
* SMS Call - Send SMS & get connected
* SMS Refill - Send SMS and add minutes to your card
* Prepaid Conferencing Solution
* Prepaid Internet
* Click-to-Call Convenient & secure way to communicate.

Golden Lotus calling card.
The "Golden Lotus" phone card is the ultimate card for calling to India & South Asia. But it doesn't end there. This versatile card also lets you call around the globe and to make domestic calls within U.S. and Canada! Use Toll Free Numbers or Local Access Numbers in the USA, Canada and many other countries. It couldn't be easier! And you'll never pay a connection fee. Golden Lotus is a Refillable card with PIN-less dialing, Speed Dial and Online Call History access.

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