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Love You A Brunch: My Pinterest-Perfect Bridal Shower

Join me as I unfold the pages of my Pinterest-perfect bridal brunch 🥂 a day full of love, laughter, and a touch of DIY/budget friendly magic.

The Venue

Inn mansion venue

We hosted my bridal shower at this beautiful Inn, which is an extension of a brewery, local to me.

The Outfit

Mirror picture of bridal shower outfit

I got my white strapless dress from Forever 21 for about $17, and the pearl cover up and blue heels from Amazon.

Similar dress -

Pearl cover up -

The Food

We went with brunch foods and included a yogurt parfait bar, bagels with cream cheese, fruit tray, deviled eggs, donut skewers, an assortment of mini bakery treats and a mimosa bar with a ton of collected vintage glasses to pick from!

The Games

We played Guess Who, Bridal Jeopardy, Would She Rather and Guess How Many Kisses (which was just as it sounds.. kisses in a jar.) I got all my inspo from Pinterest! I made the printed out games in Canva.

The Favors/Prizes

Favors were an assortment of things from the ladies in my life. My mom provided a mixed variety of candles to pick from, my step-mom baked heart-shaped sugar cookies, and my grandmom bought mini tubs filled with candy! Everyone grabbed a bag and filled it up.

As for the game prizes, my step-mom put together cute themed baskets. Each of them had some type of decor, a bottle of wine, candle, and assorted other items. They were so cute!

I hope you enjoyed taking a closer look at my Pinterest-perfect bridal brunch..

Thank you for reading! XOXO


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